What’s The Right Audi For Me?

Aug 21, 2014 | | Say something

Audi informationCars are more than a necessity today, and they display ones ability, priority and indulgence. Having so many brands with different models and variants to choose from, it really requires one to dig deep down and narrow out options to have the perfect ride and at the same time fulfill their needs.

Audi, meaning “listen” in Latin, and a German car manufacturer, has been in the automobile industry since 1885. Although the first car with the Audi tag was only rolled out in 1910. The Audi logo with four rings horizontally overlapping each other at the center signifies the joint venture of four companies prior to World war II. The modern era Audi, just means Auto Union Deutsche Industries. Audi’s slogan “Advancement Through Technology” and now recently updated to “Truth in engineering” has been in the top three automobile manufacturers in Germany for a long time now.

Audi has its models categorized as Sedans, SUV’s, Crossovers, Wagons, Coupes, and Convertibles. Its a personal decision in choosing the right Audi, depending upon the many factors, necessities and traits that make the person. Hence Audi has been consistently committed to find the perfect blend of luxury, performance, style, and at the same time make its cars affordable. There is something for everyone at Audi. 

We have seen and heard Audi’s being called as A4, S7, Q5 or R8’s. To a layman these are just models, but as a matter of fact they depict the type of vehicle it actually is. Lets see how. ‘A’ means Car/Sedan, A3 being the a hatchback and A8 being the longest and luxurious sedan. Similarly, ‘Q’ for SUV, ‘S’ for Sporty, ‘RS’ for Really Sporty, ‘L’ for Long wheel base, and as the numbers next to the alphabets increase, so does the space, luxury, performance and price increase. Also a mix of alphabets is used, such as ‘QS’, which means a Sporty SUV. The only exception being, the ‘TT’ model, which has been named in the honor of the “Tourist Trophy” a famous motorcycle race on the Isle of Man. Audi’s all wheel drive is denoted with the word “Quattro” meaning four, the numbers on the right tell us the engine displacement in liters and the alphabet following it, as in, ‘T’ for turbocharged, ‘TDI’ for diesel and ‘FSI’ for direct injection, also gives us information on the type of fuel or performance.

Its up to us if we would like to buy the Audi A4 for a daily commute in luxury, or the hills on weekends or just fun at the beach or the Q5 Hybrid, which is the most well rounded car currently offered, and best in space for a family with kids and baggage for long trips or picnics and if you are strictly a business person then the Audi A8 is a dream come true or if you wish to rise your adrenaline then the Audi R8 is for the love of speed, powered with a V8 or a V10, this car is made for the sharp turns at high speeds so you feel the ‘G’s’ kick in. 

So if you are a cool 20 something, a speed lover, a powerful business person, the best home maker or devoted parents or the retired couple looking for peace, there is an Audi for everyone.

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