Top 3 Most Asked Audi Questions Answered

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Audi Question & AnswersWhen buying a new car or a used car it is important to know the main issues to look out for. New or used Audis are not an exemption to this rule since some are very expensive and require your total attention and care. If given good care Audi cars can be very reliable and flexible. Here are the top 3 Most asked Audi questions answered;

1.  Should I go for an all-wheel drive car or a front-wheel drive car?
They may be less expensive, consume lesser fuel, but Front-wheel drive cars can be troublesome to drive in on bad roads, bad weather or snow. All-wheel drive Audi cars have the best AWD systems also known as Quattro which is the best system for any car. Any Audi that has Quattro performs better as compared to their front-wheel counterparts. Due to this, the sale or resale values of All-wheel drive Audi cars that have Quattro is a bit higher than those that do not have the Quattro system. When looking for any used Audi car there are certain important factors that you should watch out for:

-Always get the correct factual records of the service that has been done to the car.

– Make sure that the car has previously had a major maintenance check done at the required time. For 1.8T’S it is crucial you check the oil changes and for B5’s checking the timing belts will do because if they break, they might cause the engine to fail. Additionally, look for any repaired, replaced or rusted body parts. If you find that the car is affected by any of these issues, take it to a mechanic immediately. If you find that you’re having some problems after the fact, DON’T take it to an Audi dealership for parts, unless you want to pay an extreme amount.

The better option is to get used Audi parts online. There are many good options, but I find that Wolf Auto Parts is by far the best company to go through if you’re like me and don’t want to pay an outrageous amount to an Audi dealership.



2.  In case of an accident and my vehicle is written off what happens.

It is always good that you keep your car comprehensively insured round clock. This is for your protection such that in case of an accident you can present your claim to the insurer. If you purchased your vehicle on credit courtesy of the Audi financial services and the car is involved in an accident you will continue to pay the usual monthly installments as you await the outcome of your claim. If the vehicle took on credit is not insured at the time of the accident the company reserves the right to re acquire the vehicle from you and sell it at a public auction. You will also continue to sock in the difference between the net sales received from the car and the amount that the insurer will settle. Notably, it is important to insure your vehicle comprehensively as this will save both you and any other person involved in the accident the hassle.



3.  I purchased my vehicle on credit but I am not satisfied with its performance. Should I continue paying Audi Financial services? 

For those who bought their vehicles on credit from the Audi Financial Services, you have to understand that under the law, there is difference between the vehicle and your duties towards the finance agreement you signed. If by any chance, you are not happy with your vehicles’ performance you should get in touch with the specific dealer where you purchased it. Having issues with the vehicle does not guarantee you to stop paying your installments. Contacting the dealers and giving them the details of your problems will put them in a better position to advice on the appropriate action.

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