How Audi Compares to the Other German Manufacturers

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What is Germany globally respected for? There is the cool beer, Discipline of the Germans, the football triumphs and the autobahn. Then there is the issue of the cars/machines. From the peoples car the Audi, to other brands like BMW and Mercedes Germans Automotive engineering industry is regarded as one of the greatest around the globe. This can best be proved by the quality of cars made by the German carmakers. Commonly called the big three these include; Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW. These three high end German car manufactures are currently the Big players in the luxury car categories with a thin line separating them. Nevertheless, what is the main variant between this machines in terms of value for money, design and the overall product quality. Let’s compare and contrast the three Brands

First, let us focus on Audi vs. BMW 

Those who have had the privilege of experiencing both cars will attest to the fact that both Audi and BMW will for long time command an almost similar level of respect and of course prestige. However, even though both models represent a similar dedication from the German automotive industry, exceptionalism and precision I believe their main difference is evident by the number of audience each brand commands respectively. What I find interesting though is the add wars between the two.

Consider Audi: Motto – Advancement through technology. Audi has in recent years stepped up their game . Audi cars have been designed to clearly focus on performance and boost the overall driving experience. Audi models appeals more to the a dynamic and perhaps a more aggressive individual. Imagine a race between the two, do you think an Audi will dive into the apex of turn 2 or a BMW? With respect to BMW, trust me I see the Audi all the way. Apart from testing producing and designing state the art vehicles, Audi also makes special body parts that rhyme with the vehicle such as splitters, bumpers, diffusers, rear spoilers and so on. The Audi Quattro models include;

-RennSport also known RS or racing sport. The station wagons and convertible sedans have the performance and technology of a normal sports car.
-Sport also known as S-version. The cars are designed in a sporty nature to give the regular Audi models a racy appearance.

The company also develops the mid-engine twin seat car the R8.The vehicle has the choices of a V10 or a V8 with a 4.2 litre FSI engine.

This is a no shrug off to the BMW though. Generally, I feel BMW comes as a luxury car that appeals to those who are interested in class and not in bite. Apart from the X1,X3 and the luxurious sedan all BMW’s have M versions.Some of the M versions include;

M3 – E92 coupe and E93 cabriolet

M5 – F10 saloon

M6 – F12 coupe and F13 cabriolet

X5 M – E70 SAV

X6 M – E71 SAV

M2 – F20 coupe and F20 cabriolet

M3 – F80 sedan

M4 – F82 coupe and F30 cabriolet

The X5 and the X6 were the first SUV versions with M badge to be produced by the company.

What about Mercedes AMG?

AMG is formerly an engineering company that only dealt with improvement and enhancement of Mercedes Benz vehicles separately from the car manufacturer. In early 1990’s Daimer Chrysler started gaining interest in the car maker company. In the year 2005 Daimer Chrysler took over as the full owner. Mercedes AMG has since then been a full subsidiary of Daimler AG.AMG are the most expensive class of each Mercedes Benz model. It is also differentiated from the other models by its badge number that has few digits as compared to the other three. All engines from AMG are Hand built and the builders signature stamped on the engine. It is common to see one lasting over 20years with a Mercedes vehicle.

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